Big life changes call for big self-love. It's time to get honest, get real, and #BeGreater.

Launch your love with 8-weeks designed to unstick your ``stuck,`` kick life into gear, and start the journey to becoming a more badass you.

When you are unhappy, nothing seems right. No matter what you do, or how “great” things should be, it feels like life is just beyond the reach of your fingertips… and you can’t grab it.

And if you’re overweight and want to change that? The simple idea of doing something different can be overwhelming. It can be lonely and hard, but bearable. Maybe you’ve tried to lose weight before but think you “failed.” And so you stay stuck in the same spot. Not moving. Just… stagnant. Like standing at the bottom of a huge mountain looking up.

You know there’s another way to live, but you can’t seem to get there. People around you seem to be “living” so why can’t you? Why aren’t you happy? Why can’t you commit to being healthier? Or have balanced relationships with others? You’re living, but you don’t feel alive.

What would it feel like if you weren’t held back? By your body? Your weight? Your insecurity or fear?
How would you live your life? What would you do with your time? How would it FEEL?

It’s time to find out.  Life is waiting.
There is another way to live your life. Inspired, healthier, and fueled by joy.

You can, literally, love the shit out of your life.


Here’s how... It’s all about Iove.

Every day that you wake up you have a choice. You can live driven by love or fear. How you feel dictates how you live your life. It's simple, but not easy… Once you find the love? Life comes alive .

I know it sounds crazy, but once I tapped into love, my whole world shifted. If I can do it, you can too. If you want to make changes to your life — real, honest and big changes — the only way to do so for the legit long-term is to do so from a place of radical, unshakable self-love.

Fear. Guilt. Shame. Anger. These are NOT the way to become the badass version of you that we both know you are inside!

Whether you want to…

  • Finally commit to becoming healthier on the inside and outside;
  • Create a more healthful relationship to food and weight loss;
  • Feel more peaceful, less angry and anxious;
  • Engage in more positive relationships, or
  • Simply take more control over your life and do the things that make you HAPPY, then self-love is the strongest tool available to us all!

With Launching the Love you’ll get the support and tools to start getting up close and personal with your empowered, love-fueled life. In this guided journey of personal growth and self-reflection you’ll learn to start identifying  (and releasing) your fears in order to become a more happy and. You’ll do this alongside a supportive and loving, small community of kick ass women who are also looking to #BeGreater in their own lives!

Note: Launching the Love is not a diet plan. It is about helping to uncover the connection between our self-love and living a more healthful life that, for many of us, includes weight loss. Weight loss is not the primary topic of discussion, but will be weaved in and addressed in context.


Join me for a journey.

We’ll stand together, and look the hard stuff directly in the eye. What’s holding you back? What’s keeping you from “playing big” in your own life? Let’s find out.

I’ll be your cheerleader, your guide, and that one person who’ll listen without judgment; my only goal is to help you become the best YOU that you can imagine being.

Launching the Love is a web-based experience focussed on personal growth, community, and support. In eight weeks, I’ll help you identify fears and release your personal blocks so that you can start forging tools to becoming a more empowered, self-aware you! Your experience includes:

  • Group coaching meetings,
  • Action prompts, exercises, and reflection questions, and
  • A community of like-minded women also looking to tap into their own badass power!

What Launching the Love Offers You


90-Minute Weekly Group Meetings

Meetings are held online using video, connecting you face-to-face with Sarah and a group of five to seven women just like you. You will be in the same group for the entire eight weeks to help foster a sense of community.


In-Meeting Exercises

Explore with reflection-topics and questions designed to spark your self-discovery. We leave extensive time for you to talk about your story and encourage an open dialog!


Takeaway Journaling Assignments

Explore topics and dig deeper with “homework” assignments to help process the weekly lessons.


Exclusive Downloads

Stay on goal with special downloads, visuals, and reminders to keep you focussed throughout the week.



Access to our secret Facebook group, open only to members of the Launching the Love community! You’ll be part of this safe space full of kickass women supporting each other (no, really!) throughout their own journey.


Welcome Goodies

You’ll get a special package of exclusive goodies to celebrate the start of your journey!

What To Expect

What can you expect during meetings?

  • The opportunity to really “go there” within a safe, nonjudgmental community of women who are also looking to #BeGreater!
  • Support and guidance from your personal cheerleader (me!) who is living the practice every day!

Who Is This Experience Right For?

  • If you are tired of spinning your wheels, Launching the Love will motivate you.
  • If you are ready to show up for yourself and shed light on the “why”, Launching the Love will be your safe space.
  • If you are on board to think critically about your life, Launching the Love will support and honor you!
  • If you are ready to finally start stepping into your power, Launching the Love will set you on your way!

Launching the Love is not therapy with a trained and licensed professional. It is a support group and community guided by personal experience.

Group sessions will be online and broadcast live via Webinar software. Each meeting lasts 90 minutes and includes Q&A, 1:1 live coaching and time to “free talk.”

You will be asked to share your thoughts and experiences and encouraged to participate with your fellow community members in our private Facebook group.

Each week you’ll get homework, action steps and journaling assignments to help facilitate your process.


What Other's Say About Working With Sarah.

Before joining, I felt stuck and in need of support from an outside source. I was hesitant about being vulnerable with strangers, but Sarah created a safe environment where everyone was comfortable sharing…

I would most definitely recommend working with Sarah in a group or otherwise. She finds, recognizes, and praises people for their strengths while challenging them to go deeper and ultimately be greater…

[Sarah is] kind, trustworthy, and only wants to see her clients make positive changes in ways that work best for them. She’s not pushing her own agenda. She’s celebrating what makes you great, and holding a mirror up to help you see it too.

Katie, 33
Chicago, IL


As a result of this group, I confronted a couple of my family members about fat-shaming and shared other ways I was being hurt by their actions. I now stand up for myself and for others in situations where I would stay silent before…

No matter whether this group helps you walk one step or many, we all need connection and comfort and safety. This is a safe place to be exactly where you are and who you are. You will be seen, heard and supported. There is no pressure, just freedom to work through whatever feels comfortable to you. Being witnessed and witnessing others is a comfort I can’t really explain in words.

Heather, 32
Myrtle Beach, SC


I really feel like I got some of my true joy back..not just the slap-stick, funny girl, sarcastic humor, keep a smile on my face for the camera type …but GENUINE joy, peace, and love. Sharing deep rooted things about myself that I never acknowledged before with ladies who I didn’t know but felt so comfortable with was such a blessing. The community/sisterhood that we started to grow was so beautiful to be a part of; looking forward to how it continues to evolve and getting to be a part of the growth in the lives of my fellow Seekers. To think it all started from stumbling across Sarah’s Instagram and seeing myself in her. THANK YOU SARAH!!!

Nataly, 37
Ossining, NY


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